SolEngCo offers the complete range of engineering services to the Power Industry (renewable and conventional technologies) as well as for infrastructure projects.

    Special Competence:
  • Due Diligence
  • Technical Audits
  • Independent Engineer
  • Solpro Software
  • 3D Design Visualization

Engineering Services

    Decision-making phase
  • master plans
  • site selection studies
  • techno-economic feasibility studies
  • visualization
    Engineering and contract award
  • conceptual design
  • financing
  • permitting
  • contractual and technical specifications
  • tendering and evaluation of EPC contracts
  • contract negotiations until “EPC-contracts ready to be signed”

    Implementation phase
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance
  • Review and supervision of
  • detail design
  • Procurement
  • Erection
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty support

  • Operation management concepts
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Operating information systems
  • Optimization of deployment
  • Management of environment

  • asset evaluation, mothballing or demolition advice
  • define re-use of the equipment
    (electrical generating equipment, vessels, pumps etc. at other locations or sold as scrap)
  • strategy development for managing the decommissioning process
    (owner maintaining full control or involvement of a third party or selling the property)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • surveys
    (environmental and ecology, ground investigation, noise mitigation and pollution)
  • licensing and planning documents
  • contractual and technical specifications for demolition
  • tendering and evaluation of demolition contracts
  • contract negotiations until “demolition contracts ready to be signed”
  • demolition management – technical assistance and site supervision

    Remediation and Redevelopment
  • investigation of hazardous materials
  • preparation of a plan for cleanup, remediation and redevelopment
  • contractual and technical specifications for cleanup and remediation
  • tendering and evaluation of cleanup and remediation contracts
  • contract negotiations until “cleanup and remediation contracts ready to be signed”
  • cleanup and remediation management – technical assistance and site supervision
  • engineering services for redevelopment as for new projects

Due Diligence
SolEngCo performs due diligence services for large projects during project development as well as before modifications / change of ownership of existing projects.
  • Due diligence of manufactures of industrial equipment like PV cells, solar mirrors, receivers, boilers, heat exchangers, DCS, etc. as an investigation of a business prior to signing a contract
  • Due diligence of projects prior to the financial closure
  • Due diligence of projects before buying/selling

Technical Audits
SolEngCo performs technical audits for owners, lenders, sponsors and other interest holders of large projects in order to
  • Verify compliance with contractual stipulations
  • Verify the real progress during construction and commissioning
  • Identify potential delays for project’s completion
  • Verify performance for plants acceptance and during operation and commissioning
  • Propose remediation actions in case of deficiencies
  • Propose actions in case of changes in legislation or other project’s requirements

Independent Engineer
We offer independent engineering services like lender’s engineering, assessments of projects and due diligence reports for financing institutions

SOLPRO Software
The SOLPRO software calculates the performance of solar thermal, solar hybrid and ISCC power plants and the solar generation cost and CO2, NOx and SO2 avoidance cost. The intensity of the sun’s irradiation and its position (azimuth and elevation) is constantly changing. The sun’s changing power supply has to be adjusted to the power demand of the users by storage or hybridization. Unlike to fossil power plants, the optimization of the design of solar power plants has to be based on hourly (or on shorter intervals) calculations for a complete year. SOLPRO is such an optimization tool; the calculation software and methods have been extensively discussed with GEF, World Bank and KfW and have been accepted by international financing organizations, i.e. for the determination of required grants or CO2-compensations.

3D Design Visualization