SolEngCo GmbH was formed in 2013 by Georg Brakmann; in early 2014 he was joined by Miroslav Dolejsi.

Georg Brakmann

Up to 2012 Georg Brakmann had been co-founder and Managing Director of Fichtner Solar GmbH. He worked intensively on the technical development and political lobbying for the integration of solar power and combined cycle power plants into ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle), an effort which resulted into the World Bank to pledge 200 million USD in GEF (Global Environmental Facility) grants for four large ISCC plants.

The engineering for these four ISCC projects were internationally tendered. Due to its high prestige these tenders drew very large interest from many well established engineering companies worldwide. Georg Brakmann did win three (Morocco, Egypt and India) of these four projects and established his company as the world’s leading consulting engineering company for solar thermal power plants.

Georg Brakmann has developed his own Solar Performance Calculation Software (SOLPRO) and refined the method of calculating the solar generation cost and CO2, NOx and SO2 avoidance cost.

While working in the field of solar power for many years Georg Brakmann has not only consulted in large commercial solar power plant projects, but also worked closely with government agencies and research institutions. For example, Georg Brakmann participated in the development of the EuroTrough collector (a new parabolic trough collector with improved solar conversion efficiency and less material and construction cost).

Georg Brakmann also advised the German Government on all aspects of the German national sponsored R&D Program for Solar Thermal Power Plants (2000- 2004). The program included ten R&D projects for different solar technologies. The program included the developments of receivers for solar tower power plants, the Fresnel technology, the development of an improved solar absorber tube for parabolic trough power plants and the SKAL-ET project for design improvements of the EuroThrough collector as well as the installation and operation of a complete SKAL-ET solar collector test loop (as replacement of an existing LS-3 loop) at one of the SEGS solar power plants in California. Georg Brakmann thereby has gained detailed information about the design, the cost and the performance in actual commercial operation for both collector designs (the SKAL-ET as well as the LS-3 type collector).

SolEngCo’s vision is to combat global climate change and to supply Europe with Solar Energy from the Middle East and North Africa. A vision, which Georg Brakmann published already in 1989 and which gained high popularity 20 years later, when the Desertec Initiative was formed in 2009.

In 1992 Georg Brakmann published a paper at the “8. Internationales Sonnenforum” in Berlin, which promoted the idea to make CO2 emission reduction a tradable commodity; five years later, on 11 December 1997, this idea of “emission trading” was adopted in the first Kyoto protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Miroslav Dolejsi

Miroslav Dolejsi has over 20 years professional experience as Project Director and Project Manager with solar energy and waste to energy related projects, applying his technical expertise as consultant to plant design during project development and execution, starting with master plans, feasibility studies, through basic design and tendering, due diligence, financial closure, and finally implementation and warranty period.

Miroslav Dolejsi oversaw the development & execution of projects including the largest Waste-to-Energy Plants (from 100 000 to 310 000 tons waste per year), the combined cycle power plants (150 – 850 MWe) and CSP and PV Plants (10 – 340 MWe).

Miroslav Dolejsi has been involved with multiple international projects across 5 continents, including the USA, MENA and MIDDLE EAST regions. Many of these projects were first of their kind implemented worldwide. For example Miroslav was Project Manager for the Andasol 1 and 2 projects in Spain, (CSP, Concentrated Solar Power with Thermal Energy Storage) and Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) Power Plants in Iran, Egypt and Morocco.

Miroslav Dolejsi started with Waste-to-Energy Plants in 1994 and he has been involved with multiple international Waste-to-Energy Projects for hazardous waste, municipal sludge and municipal solid waste particularly in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic.

Miroslav Dolejsi has spoken at several international conferences and was also selected as a representative of the Czech Republic in the European Commission (in program, PREWIN). Miroslav has been a speaker at the Universities of Weimar and Liberec.